Burn Out
and Recovery

"Take care of your
fire before nothing
remains to burn."

Why organizations need a Burnout Prevention and Recovery program

The pace is fast, the pressure is high, and burnout is increasingly more prevalent in organizations. The cost of burnout is clear and dire: productivity decrease, recovery guidance, new recruitments. Employees suffer from long illnesses and a break in their career development. How to prevent this from happening to your employees? What do we do when it has happened?

The topic of burnout is complex. A person has been overstimulating oneself for too long. Many factors contribute to this state, including stress, expectations, lack of purpose, mental and physical barrier setting. Somewhere along the way an individual lost track of own needs and limits. Often due to fear of not living up to expectations, of not being good enough. The process of recovery starts by listening to and understanding own needs and motives. It is a process of finding back to self.  

The Program

In our programs we guide employees through this process. By disconnecting from the daily duties and responsibilities and connecting to self and nature. By finding their inner clarity and purpose  We help participants to unpack the process that has led them to this point, and we guide them on their path towards greater balance. Our programs result in less burnouts, which means a great saving in resources. The program also helps employees recover faster and better, boosting employee satisfaction and company performance.

1:1 Coaching

Each individual has its own needs and preferences. We therefore keep our groups small, so we closely attend to each individual and their specific situation. In effect, every participant gets a tailor-made coaching program within the program.

"The hike showed me how to take care of myself in order to keep the fire in me alive. I have learned to understand the signals and I am now able to recognize and actively eliminate the things that cause ongoing damage. Letting my fire burn stronger than ever before."

Yes, we can offer various forms of programs that can be tailored to the needs of your organization (incl. workshops and team offsites). All programs are customisable and are built around the needs and requirements of our clients. For more details, please contact us


We make sure to tailor the physical demands of our programs to the specific needs and composition of your group. All programs are customisable and are built around the needs and requirements of our clients.

Yes. We offer a variety of products for companies and individuals.

All our programs are built to the specific demands and needs of our clients. The pricing of your program depends on the size of the group and the location and length of the program. For more details, please contact us

Yes. We have a team of international coaches. Upon request our programs can be conducted in other languages, including Dutch, German or Swedish.

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