Our Cases

Case 1

Large food and beverage company changing the status quo.

Challenge & Client

The European CFO reaching out, wishing to create stronger, more balanced leaders for the entire region. 

One of the largest food and beverage companies in the world. The company is characterized by operating at high speed and under high and persistent pressure. Young leaders are assigned – at an early age –  significant leadership responsibilities.


Approach & Results

Peak Perspective offered a 3 days off site hike in the Alps. During the hike, the participants went through a series of group exercises accompanied by intensive individual coaching. These tools provided  the participants ample opportunities to reflect on their role in the team, to show vulnerability and to invite others to do the same. 

  • Participants described how, after the hike, they felt more connected to themselves and others and how they dared to show more of themselves. 
  • Starting point of interaction with each other on the basis of trust and acceptance.
  • The trust and openness that was created allowed for honest and critical reflections, supporting further collaboration and growth. 

"I would not just recommend it to others, I would make it mandatory for everyone. But only if the leading manager is emotionally ready to lead."

Case 2

A DAX company in the FMCG industry prepares employees for their first leadership role.

Challenge & Client

Peak Perspective was asked by the Head of
Leadership Development of a DAX company in the FMCG industry to develop a leadership program aiming to prepare individuals before stepping into their 1st leadership roles.

Participants came from across all functional areas of the company. The intention was to increase self-awareness of behaviors and motives and to create a mindset that leadership starts with self.

Approach & Results

The program was designed in co-creation with a cross-functional group of first time leaders and potential participants of the program. The result was a leadership program with a personalized approach focusing on individual’s attitude, mindset and behavior. In total 5 modules were created, with the heart of the program being a 4 day hike.

  • Participants developed a clear understanding of their strengths and developmental areas as leaders. 
  • During the hike the participants experimented with the newly equipped skills and insights. Following the hike, each of the participants implemented these new behaviors in the workplace with the help of an implementation plan and the guidance of the trainers.
  • The participants felt more confident stepping into their first leadership role, self-aware of their impact on others. 
  • Contacts between the participants persisted also after the program. The participants often meet with their peer group and use it to support them in their personal growth and leadership challenges.  

"A positive change is
visible in the current
role. My employee is
now showing up as an
authentic leader."

Case 3

A management trainee program in a large firm: creating a cohesive trainee community post-covid.

Challenge & Client

Peak Perspective was asked to create a development program specifically for management trainees. Focused on both team aspects as well as individual growth. 

A global multi-brand enterprise needing help in developing their trainees and reconnecting and recreating a cohesive trainee community after two years of distance work and home office. Looking to provide management trainees with the right foundation for future leadership development. 


Approach & Results

After individual talks with line managers and trainees, Peak Perspective proposed a 3 day outdoor program. With a combination of individual coachings and group exercises. The aim was to strengthen vulnerability, trust, collaboration and reflection within each individual and the group as a whole.  

  • After the program the trainees reported a very strong sense of trust and a feeling of belonging. Creating a lasting peer group within the company.  
  • In addition the trainees described an increased self-awareness, improved emotional balance, and strengthened leadership skills.