Individual coaching

Gain clarity. Break patterns. Get moving.


Are you stuck? Looking to gain clarity around a certain topic? Trying to break a pattern? Or simply need someone to mirror you. We offer individual coaching to look at topics that you usually would hide from. Things that interact with your deepest desires, fears, and wild dreams. But that are often kept inside.

All of our coaching is tailored to your situation, whether that includes private topics (relationships, life decisions, …) or business related topics (shifting careers, leadership challenges, …). For every situation we strive to create an atmosphere of trust, authenticity, and respect. Making sure there is a space to feel safe, not judged, and truly heard.

Conversations take place in person (when in the vicinity of Utrecht or Hamburg), or via the phone. In case of phone conversations we might ask you to go into nature during the coaching. To create a moment of pure reflection, and use the physical movement to get going.

Our coaching cycles always starts with a free intake interview. To clarify the trigger and specific need, and agree upon a timeframe & frequency.

It’s time to unhide.

Looking for a more immersive experience? Join one of our leadership expeditions in the mountains of Mallorca & the Bavarian Alps, or on Gotland. 


As every process is personal & different, the time frame can vary greatly. Some individuals come in for a very brief engagement, others work on multiple topics over a longer period. In general, we recommend to schedule at least 3-5 sessions. To allow for the time and momentum to create change. 

We offer different coaching packages depending on the location of the sessions, agreed timeframe, etc.  To schedule an initial free intake, please contact us.

Our team consists of multiple coaches with varying backgrounds & expertises. See our team page for more details. We always try to make sure to connect you with the person that best suits your needs. 

We understand the value of your trust. Whatever is being discussed during the coaching conversations will be kept fully confidential.