Leadership is
an attitude,
not a position.

Why organizations need a
Leadership Development

Leadership is a driving factor for the success of any organization, because it helps bottom-line financial performance, strategy execution, navigating change and talent development.

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment, developing leadership skills can not be overlooked. The development needs to happen throughout the whole organization. With the growth of collaborative problem solving, diminishing hierarchical system, employees across the organisation are required to lead. Whether this is happening in a formal or informal role, is not even that important. For us, leadership is an attitude, not a position.

Our Approach

To become a trusted leader and to be able to effectively drive change, we see a couple of important elements. Our approach is driven by:

  1. Trust

Trust creates change. Building trust requires the psychological safety to feel fully accepted. By creating an environment of trust, we foster better collaboration, more creativity & innovation.


Authentic leadership enables growth. We identify what makes you unique and how to use these strengths. By being an authentic leader, you create the space for other people to tap into their own potential. Creating important role-models within the company.


Emotional balance is key. We are in constant change. By creating higher levels of emotional awareness, we enable better reactions dealing with stress and uncertainty. Contributing to long-term satisfaction & wellbeing.

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The Program

Our leadership program builds on the assumption that great leaders portray a strong sense of self-leadership, having clarity about: what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. Developing this clarity requires an honest conversation about your identity, what shaped and formed you, the behavioral and emotional patterns that are being triggered, and the way in which you guide yourself in your private and work life.

The core of our program is a 4-day leadership expedition in the mountains. The natural surroundings and facilitation foster a deep reflection, providing space to build an individual leadership story. Our approach is built on experiential development & intensive coaching. We always tailor the program to the specific needs of the organization. Besides the leadership expedition, this can include different pre and post sessions around leadership concepts, cultural change, and organizational development.

Yes, we can offer various forms of programs that can be tailored to the needs of your organization (incl. workshops and team offsites). All programs are customisable and are built around the needs and requirements of our clients. For more details, please contact us


We make sure to tailor the physical demands of our programs to the specific needs and composition of your group. All programs are customisable and are built around the needs and requirements of our clients.

Yes. We offer a variety of products for companies and individuals.

All our programs are built to the specific demands and needs of our clients. The pricing of your program depends on the size of the group and the location and length of the program. For more details, please contact us

Yes. We have a team of international coaches. Upon request our programs can be conducted in other languages, including Dutch, German or Swedish.