The Team

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Johanna Junholm

Johanna Junholm

CEO & Head Coach

Johanna has almost two decades of experience as an HR manager and leader, and developed over the years a vast variety of leadership programs worldwide. She has a broad understanding of the possibilities and challenges of corporate settings. Moreover, being an (executive) coach she brings deep insights into the life of leaders: ‘Why do some leaders rise and others fall?’

Jon Gadellaa

Head of Business Development & Coach

As our Head of Business Development, Jon combines business responsibilities with coaching and facilitation. Before joining Peak Perspective, he worked across Europe & the Middle East as a strategy consultant and project manager. He is passionate about (mental) health and high performance – at the workplace, in the CrossFit gym, or simply in life.

Dr. Meir Shemla

Academic Advisor

Meir is Professor of Organizational Behavior at EBS Business School and former head of the MBA program at the Rotterdam School of Management. He is an expert in team leadership and team diversity. His academic background is in Organizational Psychology. Meir acts as the academic advisor of Peak Perspective. Guiding the development of new concepts. 

Grit Papenfuß

Finance & Operations Manager

Grit is a seasoned professional, with more than 25 years of experience within corporate settings. She brings along vast managerial knowledge. You could say she is the backbone of Peak Perspective, taking care of our financial and operational responsibilities. She has organised herself in line with our beliefs, living close to nature – and balancing work, life, and play. 

"We combine experience from the academic and corporate worlds, making our work truly impactful."

Katharina Hurrle


Katharina has been working for +10 years in the FMCG industry as a people enthusiast. Her trademark is her unwavering belief in the good and she is known for creating a strong foundation of trust. She is excited about shaping the future of (new) work through awareness, self-leadership & empowerment.

Marcus Minzlaff


Marcus works as a coach and trainer and has held various managerial positions at TUI both in corporate structures and in small, medium sized subsidiaries. He is dedicated to the task of guiding leaders and teams, in times of transformation, to their own development path.

Armin Bethge


Armin has vast leadership, coaching and change management experience due to 30+ years of operational & strategic work in the FMCG industry. Both as a manager and as a leader of a choir, Armin uses the power of authenticity and trust to foster individual potential.

Josje van der Wielen


Josje is a strategy director at the Adidas headquarters, but the mountains are her real home. She makes use of her experience working in high pressure environments with senior leadership. Helping others succeed, while staying connected to their inner self.

Jochen Oppermann


Jochen has been working in the home entertainment industry for 15+ years. He is currently leading mid-sized company and works as an independent coach. From a coaching perspective, he is driven to empower others finding their way and purpose, using a holistic approach on leadership development.

Marcus Fry


Marcus has over 20+ years of management and consultancy experience in the health & wellness industry and works as an independent coach. He is a firm believer of the power of inner strength, after an incredible recovery from a sudden and serious disability. His aim is to ignite and inspire this in others.