Young Talent Development

We support
the growth
of the future.

Why organizations
need Young Talent Development

Talent is critical to every organization. Investing in this valuable resource, through dedicated development measures, is essential to equip organizations for the future. As trainees develop, the organization as a whole becomes better too. 

Within our program we focus both on the individual and the team. We create the necessary space for reflection, providing trainees with a deep understanding of self and building the right foundation for future development. Our aim is to focus first on leadership of self (and related behaviours), before leading others. In addition, we spend time working with the group and its dynamics, using team building and leadership challenges. Bringing these different elements together has proven to develop cohesive trainee communities which are characterized by trust and openness. 

Robust organizational impact

We have used various survey methods as well as qualitative feedback from managers to measure the impact of our programs.

The results show that trainees experience a very strong sense of trust and a feeling of belonging after the program. This connection allows for the creation of long lasting networks within the company. In addition, trainees report increased self-awareness, improved emotional balance, and strengthened leadership skills. 

Gain & retain talent

Improve performance

Increase job satisfaction

The Program

Our programs usually runs for 3 days, mostly outdoors. We use a combination of individual coaching and group exercises, with the aim to strengthen authenticity, trust, and collaboration within the individual and the group as a whole. The natural surroundings provide a powerful practice ground, allowing for personal reflection and the development of new behaviors.

Prior to the expedition, we can offer group or individual sessions to define and assess the individual needs and development areas. Moreover, we always provide a 360-assessment to gather input on personal strengths, areas of development, and behavioral patterns. Follow-up coaching sessions to further strengthen & implement the learnings can be organized as well, all depending on the needs of the employee and your organization.

Yes, we can offer various forms of programs that can be tailored to the needs of your organization (incl. workshops and team offsites). All programs are customisable and are built around the needs and requirements of our clients. For more details, please contact us


We make sure to tailor the physical demands of our programs to the specific needs and composition of your group. All programs are customisable and are built around the needs and requirements of our clients.

Yes. We offer a variety of products for companies and individuals.

All our programs are built to the specific demands and needs of our clients. The pricing of your program depends on the size of the group and the location and length of the program. For more details, please contact us

Yes. We have a team of international coaches. Upon request our programs can be conducted in other languages, including Dutch, German or Swedish.