You can change whatever you want.

The only thing needed is your willingness to do so.

About the book

This book is about challenges in life and how to overcome them.

It is a book for people who are struggling or want to live their lives to the fullest. It is a book that wants to be your helping hand – a guide to self love.

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5 facts about the book

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Now back to you. Are you:

Struggling in life right now?

Wanting to know more about yourself?

Looking for guidance?

Reaching out for help?

Taking steps to improve your life?

“A book that empower others to step up for themselves.”

About Johanna

Founder of Peak Perspective, coach and author of the book: Now back to you. A series of events and the meeting with death changed her perspective on how she lives her life. These 6 learnings in life, she reflects upon, are now turned into guidelines that help you in your life.
She offers coaching in various formats, all with the aim to get you moving on your path. Or as Johanna would say: To live your life to the fullest.

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In this book, Johanna, the founder of Peak Perspective, shares her life story and her learnings made. At the same time it is a handbook on how to learn to love yourself.

“Now back to you” is ready to order! Get your edition digital or in paper. For yourself or as a gift to someone who could benefit from it.

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